It’s in His Kiss – A Battle of the Books by Gina Conkle (cross-posted with Casablanca Author’s Blog)

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It’s in His Kiss – A Battle of the Books by Gina Conkle  (cross-posted with Casablanca Author’s Blog)

It’s been fun this year to see two very different heroes come into their own: Lord Marcus Bowles, a second son and Jonas “Bacon” Braithwaite, man of business for the Earl of Greenwich. Both men appear as key secondary characters in the Midnight Meetings series. Now they get their own books, but as men, they couldn’t be more different. So, here’s a reader poll for you. Which hero archetype appeals to you the...

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First Viking Kiss – Norse Jewel

First Kiss from Norse Jewel, a Viking romance   “Is that true? Did you talk about me when you went hunting?” “Aye.” His voice was steady, but she noticed his pulse beating rapidly at his neck as she set the pan before them. He appeared to choose his words with care. Funny how men measure their words to a woman, if they think trouble brews. Sestra would be proud at her quick study of men. “And if I gave you Erik, would you...

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“First Kiss” – Meet the Earl at Midnight

Oh that first kiss!  Sometimes sweet, sometimes torrid, but always memorable with your true love.  Maybe since we’re in February, kissing needs extra notice?  Whatever the case,  author Karen Michelle Nutt of KMNBooks Blogspot is celebrating first kisses this week and next.   I offered a Georgian first kiss and a Viking first kiss to KMN Books.  Here’s a “First Kiss” excerpt from Meet the Earl at...

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