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We’d Like to welcome Author Eliza Knight to the blog this week. She’s stopped by to talk about her new release and she’s also got a giveaway! 

Let’s see what she has to say…


What inspired your current release? I love a good ghost story, and in my travels to Europe, I’ve often felt the otherworldly presence of those who lived in the past. One of my favorite castles in Scotland is Dunstaffnage Castle, and I was lucky enough to visit there on my last trip! The history behind it is fascinating and haunting. There is this tale of a glaistig, or green lady, who haunts the grounds of Dunstaffnage. She is called the Ell-Maid of Dunstaffnage, but no one knows who she might have been. She appears in green, gliding over the walls, and through the forest. Her appearances often were brought on by tidings of joy or sadness within the family. This gave me an idea—in fact, it sparked the whole series—the MacDougall Legacy series! In Laird of Shadows, we learn the origin of the Ell-Maid of Dunstaffnage… It was exciting to write this story, and I can’t wait for you all to read it, and to see what happens as I follow the MacDougall family throughout generations in my new series!

How do you celebrate when you finish a novel? Champagne! And a reading a book on my massive to-be-read list! I usually take a day or two to relax before diving into the next story.

If your book becomes a movie, who would play the hero and heroine? Ohhhh good question! Well, Michael Foster, clearly! He’s the model on the cover but also an actor. The heroine would be Rose Leslie from Game of Thrones (she was John Snow’s love interest & she’s Scottish!)

What are you working on next? I just finished up the second story in my MacDougall Legacy series, Laird of Twilight, which will release first in The Forbidden Highlands anthology. Next up I start book three: Laird of Darkness!



When darkness falls… Only true love can save them…

Beiste MacDougall has only just found himself as laird of his clan after a brutal attack from Vikings leaves his father slain. On the night of his sire’s death, a beautiful woman comes to his castle begging for help, calling upon a vow their clans had made years before. Though he’d rather wallow in his pain, Beiste is tempted by the lass, the secrets she holds, and the chance at retribution she brings.

Lady Elle Cam’béal is desperate to save her brother and her clan from the vile clutches of her Viking enemies. But there is only one man who can help her, a handsome, provocative laird with a beastly temper. When he locks her in a chamber, she is visited by an apparition, and left with a secret that changes her destiny. Elle must figure out a way to accept her fate, but also forge a future of her own choosing.

As battles and treachery rain down upon them, Beiste and Elle find unlikely allies in each other, and a few stolen moments of passion that bring light from the shadows…




Beiste let out a battle cry filled with equal amounts of rage, sorrow and frustration. He felt like a man walking blind into a battle, fighting a war he had no knowledge of. An enemy he’d never met and knew not their motivation. The realization was unsettling but did not discourage his determination. He was considered a great warrior and leader and proud of it.

Beiste marched up the wooden stairs to the battlements, looking down at the rough, soaked warriors below. War paint was smeared across their faces and, streaked by the rainwater. Hair braided and knotted. Long beards. There were maybe fifty to seventy of them. Not the hundreds he’d been prepared for. Beiste grinned. These men worked to make their outside appearances look crude and the stuff of night terrors. But he wasn’t scared. Nay, already he knew their weakness.

“Give us the woman!” The bellow from beyond the wall was clear, spoken by the tallest of the Vikings.

The woman. They wanted Lady Elle Cam’béal.

Like hell he’d heed their demands. Besides, Beiste wasn’t in a giving mood today.

“Ye’ll not be getting her today. Nor tomorrow. Ye’ll have to kill me first,” he shouted. “The woman is mine.”


The warrior moved like a specter.

Flashes of Beiste’s muscled body lit in the lightning-streaked sky, glinting off the long, jagged dagger he held in one hand and the wicked sword extending in iron-might from his other.

In one place for a moment and another the next. Ducking, twirling, dodging, leaping, crashing, hacking at the bones of Vikings. His enemies had nowhere to go. No way to save themselves from his assault.

These same enemies who’d attacked her castle days past were no match for Beiste and his skilled warriors.

Elle had been lucky to escape alive.

By either of them.

Her belly knotted into a thousand tiny, impossible twists. Laird MacDougall’s declaration still burned in her ears. Ye’ll not be getting her today. Nor tomorrow. Ye’ll have to kill me first. The woman is mine.

What he’d spoken of, loyalty, mutual relationship, the heated looks… She’d been right to assume he meant to keep her. But for what purpose?

She was his. A possession, but yet not claimed. What did that mean? His to protect? To imprison? Abuse? Murder? Wed? Or to set free?

Elle prayed it was the former and the latter, but nothing in between.

Her eyes glazed as she watched the battle raging below. A life for a life. Her life for Erik’s. She was willing to give it. That was essentially what she’d told MacDougall before. Although she’d not been completely honest. She’d not told Beiste the reason her own father had been able to gain not simply a trade of one life saved for another but, in fact, protection for his entire family for all the days of his life.

And she wouldn’t tell him if she didn’t need to. If he set her free, then she was free. If he promised to continue to protect her, then her secrets were her own.



Eliza Knight is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling indie author of over fifty sizzling historical romance and erotic romance. Under the name E. Knight, she pens rip-your-heart-out historical fiction. While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain with her own knight in shining armor, three princesses and two very naughty puppies.

Visit Eliza at http://www.elizaknight.comor her historical blog History Undressed: www.historyundressed.com







  1. Of all the characters you’ve written, who would you most like to be? Why? Hmm…. Probably Arbella, because I am so in love with Magnus, still, after all these years!
  2. As a reader, what was the first romance book to deeply impact you? What about it touched you? I can safely say Jane Eyre. There is so much heartbreak, torment, hope and love in this story. It is an emotional journey that I’ve had the pleasure of taking many times.
  3. If you had to live in another country, where would you go? Why there? Scotland—the Highlands specifically! And I would live in a castle, of course!!!! I’d live there because I think the land is rich with beauty and splendor. Because the air enlivens me, and the history surrounding the country soars in my veins.
  4. What’s your favorite food? What do you like about it? Hands down cheese. I love most types of cheese. Plain or melted or mixed. I could survive on only cheese. I cannot survive without it.
  5. Please share a few things from your ‘Bucket List.’ Oh fun! I want to do a Jane Austen walking tour. It’s about a week long, and you walk the whole time everywhere Jane Austen might have been and where her books took place, stopping only to eat and sleep. I would also like to do a Tudor walking tour. (Why walking? I love to hike!) I want to do a DNA test to find out all about me and the people before me! I want to meet Sam Heughan. I want to do a color run. I want to become an expert archer and swordswoman.


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