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How To Wed A Warrior Small


When his wild spitfire of a sister makes a scene by drawing a claymore in Hyde Park, Highlander Robert Waters knows something must be done. To forestall the inevitable scandal, he hires widowed Prudence Whittaker to teach his sister how to be a lady-never expecting to find unbridled passion beneath the clever Englishwoman’s prim exterior.

Mrs. Whittaker is a fraud. Born Lady Prudence Farthington, daughter of the ruined earl of Lynwood, she’s never even been married. In order to make her way in the world, she has to rely on her wits and a web of lies…lies a sexy Highlander is all too close to unraveling.

He swears he will possess her; she vows he will do nothing of the sort. Yet as passions heat, Prudence comes to realize the illicit pleasure that can be had in going toe-to-toe with a Scot.


Quick Questions:

1. What was your favorite scene from the book?

 In How To Wed A Warrior, the first major love scene of the novel takes place on a table in the library. It takes a while for Robbie ChristyEnglishAuthorPhoto3Small-240x300and Pru to get together, so it’s fun when they finally do.


2. Why do you love Regency romance?

My favorite thing about Regency romance is the happy endings. Of course, that comes in all romance novels, so the beauty of the Regency period for me is finding that place where true love and polite society meet, where they cross, and where true love wins.


3. What three things about you might surprise your readers?      

 I work in a bank by day, I eat my weight in chocolate every year, and I adore sheep…from a distance.


The Excerpt:

Pru adjusted her bonnet and moved to the front door, taking in the cool nod of the butler, who seemed slightly mollified to see an English lady in the house. Mary Elizabeth did not accompany her into the entrance hall, but Robert Waters did.

“Forgive me, Mr. Waters. Did I forget something?”

The Highlander smiled down on her, and she felt a hint of hot lava move straight to her nether region. She swallowed hard and forced herself to stand very still as Robert Waters stepped close to her, too close for propriety’s sake. She tried to find her breath, and failed. She could not seem to find her tongue either. How on God’s loving green earth was she was going to live with this man for the time it would take to see his sister married?

Perhaps she had made a mistake.

“Indeed you have forgotten something, Mrs. Whittaker. Something a bit more important than the tea and crumpets we’ve just shared.”

Pru could not find her voice, so she simply stared at him past the annoying rim of her ugly brown bonnet.

His breath was warm on her cheek as he leaned close. For one delicious, horrifying moment, she thought that he might kiss her there in the entrance hall of a ducal mansion, with the stern butler standing by. But instead of his lips, it was one broad fingertip which rose to her cheek, and brushed a curl back. It had come loose from its pins, threatening to fall into her eye. Robert Waters stood close, and let her hair curl around his finger, as if it loved him, as if it wished for him to stay close. Pru knew that she must say something, anything, to set this man down. But her reason had deserted her along with her voice.

“What shall we be paying you then, Mrs. Prudence Whittaker? What price would you put on my sister’s marriage?”

Pru blinked at him, frozen like a rabbit that had scented the hunter. She wished fervently that her good sense would return from wherever it had gone. She also wished that he would touch more than just a stray curl.


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How To Wed A Warrior Small




  1. Really enjoy the teaser. Sounds interesting. Wishing all the best

  2. The mention of a claymore hooked me. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for hosting me Gina! And thank you Julie…I hope you love the book 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  4. You’re welcome, Christy!! Anytime!

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