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Welcome the AMAZING Erin Knightley! We are so happy to have Erin as a guest this week.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Gina! I’m thrilled to hang out for a bit. Though I mostly write Regency-set historical romance, my latest book, SWEET HOME ALABAMA, is actually a contemporary! The small town of Honeysuckle Hill is fiction, but it’s based on the many, many delightful little towns I used to drive through in Alabama back when I was an Environmental Specialist. I hope you’ll enjoy the setting as much as you do Beau and Delaney’s romance!


Questions for Erin

What made you start writing romance?

Three words: happily, ever, after 🙂 I’ve loved the HEA since I was 17 years old, so there was never a question about what I would right when I finally sat down to write. Even when I branch out from romance (I’m currently writing a women’s fiction novel), there’s still romance in it. In my world, everybody gets an HEA!


Please share your research process for your books/series.

Ha – generally I’m writing along fine when I hit a road block. I pause to look up more information, and instantly fall down the rabbit hole, where I remain for at least two to three hours. I can stop to look up couch fabrics and emerge four hours later with a full understanding of the silk trade with China during the 1800s, lol.

How do you celebrate when you finish a novel?

Sleep! And nothingness. Just sitting on the couch like a giant breathing throw pillow can be pure bliss after the craziness of reaching a deadline.

“Fast Five”

As a reader, what was the first romance book to deeply impact you?

What about it touched you? Paradise by Judith McNaught! All the feels…

What one thing about you would surprise your readers?

I’m the messiest person ever. Thankfully Mr. Knightley cleans!

What’s your favorite animal? Can you tell us why?

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. Oh, and puppies 😉 They just make me happy!

Morning Glory? Or Night Owl?

The biggest Night Owl. I actually wish I was a morning glory, but I think it’d be easier to

Name three books from childhood that affected you the most:

Bridge to Terabithia, The Root Cellar & Charlotte’s Web



Delaney Hart is looking for a fresh start—which means leaving Alabama behind for good. But when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she has no choice but to rely on the last person she expected to find in backwater Alabama: Beauregard Rodney, the former friend who months earlier had accused her fiance of cheating on her. The fallout was ugly—especially when she discovered that Beau had actually been right.

Back home in Honeysuckle Hill to temporarily fill the void in the family business left by his brother’s overseas deployment, Beau’s got more than enough on his plate. The last thing he needs is little Miss Silver Spoon Delaney making demands on his time. He hasn’t forgotten the things she said to him, and would like nothing more than to see her taillights headed out of town, but when a back-ordered part means she’s stuck in his tiny town for two weeks, he has no choice but to put up with her.

Despite their best efforts to ignore the growing attraction between them, sparks start to fly. But with Beau’s life on hold back in Birmingham and Delaney’s new job waiting in Florida, can they ever find a middle ground?



Blowing her sweat-dampened bangs from her forehead, Delaney set her foot on the gas and headed toward salvation. It was a good thing she stopped and asked about the place, because she never would have known that the unassuming gravel drive with the towering pecan trees was the entrance to a mechanic shop. As she wrenched the stubborn wheel to round the final bend, she saw the squat one-story brick building with its three bays and smattering of cars in various states of repair.

Delaney parked and blew out a long sigh of relief. Thank God. She could see through the wide picture window that the small office was empty, so she made her way to the open bay and the jeans-clad legs that stuck out from beneath an old truck. An upbeat country song played from an old-fashioned transistor radio from the workbench beyond, masking the sound of her approach.

Pausing a few feet from the man’s work boots, she cleared her throat. “Excuse me,” she said loudly, a hopeful smile already pasted on her lips.

There was a short pause in the man’s movements before he pushed out from beneath the car, the wheels of his low-lying trolley-thingy squeaking. She watched as he emerged inch-by-inch, first his flat belly, then his solid-looking chest and tan, well-defined arms. Grease streaked his sweat-dampened forearms, accentuating the play of muscles as he gripped the bumper and pulled.

She bit her lip, momentarily distracted by the view. This town was looking better all the time. And then she saw the man’s face as he emerged and peered up at her.

Oh, Lord.

Her stomach did an Olympic-worthy dive straight to her knees. The grease, stubble, and toned arms were new, but there was no mistaking those deep green eyes and that tousled brown hair. As she fumbled to get her wits about her, he sat up and draped his arms over his knees.

“Well, if it isn’t Miss Delaney Hart,” he said, his smooth Southern drawl caressing every syllable of her name.

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About Erin

Despite being an avid reader and closet writer her whole life, Erin decided to pursue a sensible career in science. It was only after earning her B.S. and working in the field for years that she realized doing the sensible thing wasn’t any fun at all. Following her dreams, Erin left her practical side behind and now spends her days writing, her mind happily in the Regency period as she types away on her very modern laptop. Now an award-winning and USA Today Bestselling author, she’s living her own Happily Ever After in North Carolina with her tall, dark, and handsome husband and their ridiculously spoiled mutts. For more about her books — or to see a picture of her wrapped in Mr. Darcy, er, Colin Firth’s arms — visit


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  1. We have two things in common, Erin: I can be quite messy as well, maybe it comes from being creative? (I’m an artist) and I am QUITE a night owl. Which made for much misery during my school years. I can stay up to 6 am, no problem, but waking up to it? Crazy! The new book sounds like fun.

  2. Erin, your new books sounds like a great read. Love the title but now I have the song stuck in my head, LOL! Thanks for sharing your book.

  3. Oh man, Cynthia – I had to get up at 6 am yesterday for a flight and my whole DAY was ruined! But yes – staying up all night is no big deal, lol

    Anita, sorry for the earworm, lol!

  4. Love your books. Can’t wait for this one

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