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Which type of historical romance heroine are you?

#1 What word best describes you?
a) effervescent
b) nonconfrontational (mostly)
c) stealthy


#2 My favorite hobby is …
a) comparative study of the male form
b) looking after my darling baron
c) target practice


#3 What is the perfect late night snack?
a) bread, cheese, meats, lemon tarts … whatever can be liberated from the kitchen
b) the baron’s kisses
c) ratafia, shaken not stirred


#4 My ideal man must have …
a) a sublime derriere
b) an aptitude for growing hardy, contrary flowers
c) brains


#5 What accessory do you never leave home without?
a) my corset (large bosoms are such a trial)
b) my composure
c) my pistol


*** (click the covers to find them on Amazon)
TheTruthAboutLeoIf you choose mostly As … then you are as sparkling and resourceful as Her Serene Royal Highness Dagmar from The Truth About Leo by Katie MacAlister. Dagmar may have been raised in a strictly formal manner, but she’s never let that stop her from pursuing anything that catches her interest. She’s a bit quirky, marches to her own drummer, and has a fine, fine appreciation of the manly form.


TheTraitorIf you choose mostly Bs … then you are clearly the stuff a baroness is made of, much like Millicent, from The Traitor. Milly is sweet, fierce, determined, and brave but slow to trust. Sebastian, Baron St. Clair, is ALSO sweet, fierce, determined and brave, and relentless when it comes to protecting those he cares for. Alas for both Sebastian and Milly, an enemy stalks them who is not sweet. By the time Milly is done with Sebastian’s enemies, they are not very brave either. So if you chose mostly B’s, the bad guys better steer mighty clear of you!


LoveAndLetSpyIf you choose mostly Cs … then you are equipped to be a master spy like Jane Bonde from Love and Let Spy by Shana Galen. Jane is smart, cunning, and loyal, but she has her weaknesses too. Her latest weakness goes by the name Dominic Griffyn. Planning a wedding and defeating a villain intent upon the destruction of England is tricky, but if you’re the sort who multitasks easily, then you too have Jane’s unique skills.


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Leave a comment and share your favorite type of heroine (and why). We’ll have a drawing August 10th and one lucky winner gets a $10 e gift card (Amazon OR B&N).


  1. I’m an Operative. =)

  2. I’m mostly “A’s”, so that makes me “royalty”.

  3. I would say probably #2 because I don’t think I could pull off Royal very well, but I love to read abut all 3!

  4. How fun! I answered mostly B’s. I’m completely on board with looking after my baron!

  5. I was a C, and I adore Jane Bond! (Shana is my heroine!)

  6. A Royal 😉

  7. My favorite heroines are the insecure ones that finally realize how magnificent they really are.

  8. I’m a mix of all 3!! Lol <3

  9. Not daring enough to be an operative 🙁 … seen how the other half (read: Royals) live and don’t know how, so Retinue it is.

  10. I’m a “B”. Guess that’s my favorite heroine, too.

  11. I try to be an independent person like Milly in the Traitor. I am slow to trust, but will slay dragons to help the people I love.
    I am a woman who likes to look at the male from the back, but (hehe) make sure his pants are tight not falling down.
    Snacking at night has it’s down side(pounds galore). But give me oreo’s and milk with the hottest man (Dominic) and everything is fine.
    But since I am not perfect, I love happy endings. Now THAT is perfect!!

  12. The best heroine is the strong, independent type that doesn’t need the hero but when she gets him she is even stronger than when she was alone.

  13. I got mostly C’s!! I also foster homeless books, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. lol’\

  14. I got mostly B’s which makes me like Grace’s heroine Molly. Right now I’m reading Hadrian Lord of Hope and will continue reading The Traitor when it arrives Tuesday.

  15. I answered mostly A’s and B’s. Too cute!

  16. I got mostly Bs. Grace Burrow’s novel fits me. I’m a baroness who is sweet and fierce!

  17. Wonderful authors, can’t wait to read the books

  18. I like strong, intelligent women who appreciate men as partners.

  19. Like a heroine who is strong will and goes after what she believes in and wants. Not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. But who is caring and takes care of what is hers.

  20. I like feisty, witty and determined heroines who put the hero through hell before they get to their HEA.

  21. My favorite type of heroine does not cower or hide behind her her. She stands up for her self. I really dislike women who wilt under pressure. She is not afraid to take a stand against an overbearing mother-in-law.


  22. I am A’s like her Royal Highness in Truth about Leo! Fun, thanks for the quiz and contest!

  23. I am the stuff that a Baroness is made of….I think I always knew that.. LOL

  24. I got B! Thanks!

  25. I am a Royal, but I could be any of the others if I so choose. 🙂
    It’s very nice to be a well rounded lady don’t you think.

  26. I’m an operative: i love being in control of situations and trying to save the world.

  27. a smart one- don’t what to read about a dummy

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