Tuesday Teaser: Guest Post ‘Eye of the Crow’ by Maris Soule

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Wade said my name with enough force to bring my attention back to him.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“I guess I should have,” I admitted. Except, I didn’t want him worrying . . . or questioning how I always managed to get myself into dangerous situations.

“I heard he had a gun.”

A shiver went through me as I remembered that gun pointing at me. “I don’t think he wanted to shoot anyone. His hand was shaking and his voice sounded all funny, like he was really scared.”

“It’s that type that’s the most dangerous,” Wade said. “They panic. Accidentally pull the trigger. You could have been killed.”

“But I wasn’t.” I stepped away from my mother and around my grandmother. “I’m fine,” I said, hugging Wade.

I wanted to reassure him, but the moment he wrapped his arms around my back and I felt the solid support of his body, I started shaking, unwanted tears filling my eyes and wetting the front of his tux. I could pretend having a gun pointed at me was an everyday event, but it wasn’t. “I was scared,” I whispered. “Really scared.”

“So was I when I heard,” he whispered back.

I felt him kiss the top of my head and heard his sigh. I sniffed and leaned back, wiping away the tears that had slid down my cheeks. The look on his face said as much as his words. He had been scared.

I reached up and touched Wade’s lips with my fingertips. “No more about this morning. I’m fine, and you look wonderful.”

“And so do you.” He stepped back and gave me a head-to-toe scan before facing my mother and grandmother. “I’m going,” he told them. “You two take care of her.”

“He does love you,” Grandma said, once Wade had closed the door. “I think you got a good one.”

I totally agreed with her.


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  1. Great excerpt and I love the cover.

  2. Another great excerpt!

  3. Thank you, Diane and Melissa. Florence Price did the cover. I gave her some rough ideas of what I had in mind, but she came up with something much better than I was suggesting. I’m glad you enjoyed the cover and the teaser.

  4. I’m excited there is another Crows story! Congratulations on its release.

  5. Lucy, you’re the expert short story writer. In my opinion, they are more difficult to write than a novel. For a story of less than ten-thousand words, it took me months before I felt I had it right. I’ve written books in less time than that.

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