Tuesday Teaser: Waiting for a Girl Like You by Gina Conkle

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An excerpt from Waiting for a Girl Like You…2 stories in 1 book by Gina Conkle

This is AJ and Jennifer in Anything But Safe, the 2nd story in Waiting for a Girl Like You


Her profile was pretty. Waning sun crowned her with gold, touching the line of her nose, her full lips parted with unsaid words. If he read her right, her exhale was an admission of defeat or disappointment. He wasn’t an expert at women, but his mom and a string of girlfriends taught him times like these a man needed to shut up and listen. Not fix things. Not solve problems. Just listen.

“So what about these cross roads of yours?”

Her head tilted one degree at him. “You really want to listen to me?”

“Why not?”

“Because we’re practically strangers and we both live in the same town.” She shuddered. “It’d be embarrassing. I couldn’t walk by you and pretend you didn’t know.”

He chuckled, kicking a rock across the graveled lot. “Didn’t stop you from pretending I didn’t exist before.”

She blushed. “That…well, yes.”

He grinned at her fluster. He was a mechanic, living in jeans, T-shirts, and steel toe work boots. Maybe he shaved twice a week and despite daily showers, grime clung to him. His mother raised him right. He had good manners, but his rough edges showed.

“I could’ve said hello too.” He chuckled again scrubbing a hand over his buzz cut. “Now I know why you were a scared rabbit when we crossed paths. Sounds like you’ve had a rough year.”

Jennifer’s face angled with gentle inspection. Her gaze touched his skin, lingering this time on his pecs under his white T-shirt. She was a doe coming in closer, getting a better lay of the land and he was a patient hunter.

Tucking loose hair behind an ear, she was calmer. “That’s nice of you. You’re a good man, AJ.”

A breeze played with the ruffle on her dress. Twilight turned the skies deeper shades of blue and purple. Crickets sawed their first notes, night was coming. Waiting on a tow truck, his butt planted on a Volvo hood was the last thing he expected to happen, but he’d cool his jets. Jennifer didn’t need a man hitting on her.

“My offer’s still good.” He paused to let that sink in. “What’s been hardest on you?”

“Hardest…” She let the word trail. “The loneliness. You’re solo at parties. There’s no one to slow dance with at weddings…just you by yourself. And forget spontaneous dinners out, unless you want to eat alone.” Brown eyes slanted at him. “And no sex.”

His gut clenched.

She laughed self-consciously. “You probably don’t know what to say to that, but you did ask.”

“So I did,” he said, boot heels digging into gravel. There were a hundred things he wanted to say. Ninety-nine of them would get his face slapped.”


Giveaway Question & Answer:

Romance has been glutted with billionaire heroes. Tell me your thoughts on heroes. Have you reached billionaire saturation? Or are you thinking, “No, Gina, I need more billionaires!”

Are you ready for more working class heroes? Or something else???

Comment in the section below and you’re in the drawing for an ebook copy of Waiting for a Girl Like you…2 steamy stories in 1 book.


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  1. something else

  2. I LOVE that teaser photo! Made me chuckle 🙂

    I don’t mind the billionaire angle. I, personally, am not a huge fan of BDSM, though, and most of the billionaire books I’ve read seem to be in that genre.

    Nope, to me, there’s nothin’ wrong about a guy with too much money showering his lady with gifts!

  3. I have no problem with the gifting. It’s the plethora of billionaire’s that gets me. I like a man who is a little rough around the edges (but he shows his tender side for the woman he loves). 🙂

  4. When I was younger I used to loved them. As I grew older and more independent it’s more about finding a hero that match my expectations. I do get that it’s all about the fantasies but I don’t need a billionaire to fulfill me, even in my dreams. An MC, cowboy, ex-military, car racer, cop, cook, etc. will do the trick as long as he’s caring and hard-working.

  5. I love Billionaire romances, I dont think they will ever go out. I do love a secret baby in the mix but Keep the Billionaire books coming.

  6. And the winner is… Lauren!

    Congratulations Lauren. I’ll email you about your prize.


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