A Formidable Viking and One Mysterious Woman

Rurik is loyal only to his men, the Forgotten Sons, until an offer of land from Normandy’s chieftain intrigues the low born warrior. But, the sultry Parisian thrall he finds in his bed intrigues him more…

Safira needs Rurik’s help to secure safe passage home. Full of secrets, she’s a challenge—one he’s determined to conquer, but their arrival in foreign lands marks a new chapter. An old enemy surfaces and impossible decisions must be made. With alliances fraying, past promises may not be enough to save Rurik from betraying those he’s sworn loyalty to—including Safira.


The Brotherhood will be tested… So will true love


Kept by the Viking

Forgotten Sons series, book 1

May 14, 2018


Chapter One

AD 930 – A Saxon outpost on the northern border of Nor’man land.


Smiling grimly at the darkness, Rurik tucked a bone-handled blade in his boot. Norns had spun his life with stingy threads, but his days of hardship were over. Rouen’s overlord, Will Longsword, promised to make him a landsman, a plum prize for a low-born Viking.

If he got to Rouen by the midsummer feast.

Door hinges whined in the quiet, and a shrouded figure crept through the outbuilding. Skin prickling with alertness, Rurik’s hand hovered over the knife. Firelight limned the form slipping past loose-weave curtains into his bed box. A bent knee sank into fur. The bed creaked, and a black cloak parted, revealing enticing curves pressed against a thrall’s grey wool tunic.

A woman to ease his loins. She should’ve come last night.

“Didn’t expect a companion this morning.” He caressed her smooth-skinned arm. “I don’t have time—”

She slapped his hand. “Keep your hands to yourself, Viking. I am not here to be your, your…how do you say, comfort woman?”

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“Romantic tension, clever repartee, and tender love scenes make Conkle’s fast-paced historical a winner.” The Lord Meets His Lady, STARRED Review ~ Publisher’s Weekly



Lord Marcus Bowles must spend one scandal-free winter restoring an old family cottage, then the second son may return to London. But, he meets an intriguing red-cloaked damsel on a country highway.

One brief interlude and Genevieve Turner’s midnight savior disappears. Typical. She’s on her way to a new post and a new life in the north. To her dismay, that late night hero is her new employer—and sparks fly hot and fast between them until an old enemy comes knocking.

Genevieve and Lord Marcus vow to face her dark past together…but will love be enough to outwit the wolf at their door?

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If so, you’ll want this love story.

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