Scottish Treasures series - Audio Books

A Scot is Not Enough

book 2

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Loving the wrong woman is the right thing to do

The Scot Who Loved Me

book 1

The treasure is gold but the prize is love

A Contemporary Romance Short Story


A sportscaster and a kindergarten teacher vie for the last copy of a bestselling dessert cookbook. To prove how badly they want it, each tries to outdo the other with meme-like, dessert-inspired lines. 


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Midnight Meetings series - Audio Books

Meet the Earl at Midnight

book 1

It's going to take a beast to tame this beauty

The Lady Meets Her Match

book 2

What if Cinderella doesn't want her shoe back?

The Lord Meets His Lady

book 3

The woman in the red hood—being bad is what she knows. Good is what he sees.

Norse series - Audio Books

Norse Jewel

book 1

What does the wolf-eyed Viking want?