9781402294273-mLydia lowered her lashes, aware of how men’s minds worked. She needed to regroup and gather her wits, but the earl must have sensed her wariness, or so she guessed when he extended a gloved hand.

“Please. This need not be unpleasant.” His voice lulled her. “I promise I won’t bite.”

“Meaning sometimes you do,” she snipped.

A muffle of low, masculine laughter floated from his collar. “Only on a full moon.”

His quip surprised her much like a clue revealed. Still, this midnight meeting defied reason, best she use caution. When she didn’t move, his hand dropped to his side. His lordship’s presence grew bigger in the tiny room, though he stood a safe, respectable distance.

“Very well then. Why not take off your cloak?” he coaxed.

“How like a man,” she said, eyeing him from the safety of her hood. “Get a woman naked, first. Solve a problem, second.”

That earned her another low, masculine chuckle.

“Now, now,” he chided. “I’m not asking you to undress, only that you remove your cloak. As you informed all, you are wet and soggy.” Lord Sanford motioned to the blazing hearth. “You could stand here and warm yourself…dry your damp skirts.”


Like Beauty & the Beast?  Then you’ll love Meet the Earl at Midnight, Book 1 in the series Midnight Meetings.

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