...a red-hooded woman ran away and served a disgraced lord in his cottage. All was well in the northern woods.

Until a wolf knocked on their door.

I'm happy to announce, The Lord Meets His Lady, is on sale. This novel represents a labor of love, a mis-step in my career, and a big lesson in writing.

You're probably curious about those three points, right? Let me break them down for you.

I loved leaving London with this book. The entire setting is a cottage in the northern countryside. Society's glitterati is fun, but I needed a break. So, I went to Coldstream, which is about as far north in England as a body could go.
The infamous Coldstream Bridge which connects England and Scotland. If Gretna Green is the Vegas of quickie weddings, Coldstream is Reno.

And the most unexpected secondary characters showed up: horses!

But you want to know about my career mis-step. This is a painful point. It took about a year and a half to write this book. I was woefully late. No editor likes that.

Then came a big challenge: How to keep the fairy tale theme going?

Enter Red Riding Hood.

It was a test to make a light play on that age old fairy tale.

My research revealed Red Riding Hood was a cautionary story for young women throughout Europe from medieval times forward. "Beware of men who would prey on your sexuality."

Lord Marcus and Genevieve Turner danced circles around that!

Sometimes a woman wants the forbidden.

With that said, I invite you to enjoy The Lord Meets His Lady.