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Starting this fall, I’m offering readers a serial on my blog. One secondary character from the Midnight Meetings series will get his story told—a free bonus— for my readers.

The best part? You pick the character!*


Your choices:

A. Nate Fincher, the up and comer from the wrong side of Town in The Lady Meets Her Match

B. Herr Wolf, stoic Prussian belonging to a secret military society in The Lord Meets His Lady

C. Mr. Haggerty, darkly handsome, well-dressed antiquities dealer in Meet a Rogue at Midnight


Put your vote in the comments below.

Thanks!  ~Gina


*In case you’re wondering, Juliette Sauveterre, Elise Sauveterre, “North,” Samuel Beckworth, and Mrs. Grey will get full length books (talks are underway with the publisher).


  1. Mr. Haggerty is my choice

  2. Herr Wolf

  3. Hard choice but I am going with Herr Wolf. Bad boy all the way!

    And I definitely need more Georgian romance.

  4. B. Or C. I hope you are going back to your singular Witty self Gina! You are the only person who can make me laugh out loud! I make other people laugh, so it is fun to have someone who makes me laugh! I am certain that it will go well.

  5. Nate Fincher

  6. Thanks Carol. My Georgian side is lighter than my Viking. 🙂

  7. Mr. Haggerty intrigues me. ?

  8. Herr Wolf, please!

  9. Mr Haggerty

  10. Herr Wolf

  11. Nate Fincher, for sure! I LOVE your books! And I LOVE this series!

  12. Um… All of them? Since I have to choose, I’ll go with Herr Wolff. But I’d still love to read all of them at some point!

  13. Definitely A

  14. Mr. Haggerty

  15. Thanks Barb! Your comment made my day!

  16. Eek! I liked them all but if I really, really, really have to choose then I pick Nate.

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