I just received some great news! Meet a Rogue at Midnight (Midnight Meetings, book 4) won the 2018 Beverley Contest, romantic novella category (published).

The contest was established in honor of the late historical romance author, Jo Beverley. Jo Beverley was one of the reasons I fell back in love with romance. I’d had a long hiatus from reading romance novels (college, having to work two jobs for stretches of time, returning to school for advanced classes…it all left little time for fun reads). Jo Beverley’s novels were among the first I picked up after that romance drought.

I love, love The Dragon’s Bride and A Scandalous Countess is in my top 10 all time keepers, both by Jo Beverley. So, you can see why this has special value. Here’s to Jo Beverley, romance author extraordinaire.




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