4 Reasons to Read...

Her Viking Warrior

...a not so typical Viking romance

What you'll find

What you won't find


  1. My Viking romances are steeped in history. This Forgotten Sons series includes Old Norse terms for a reason (each book takes one aspect of Viking life: sex, food, crime and punishment, war, their gods, etc.). On that last part, Vikings were as varied as we are in their worship of Norse gods.

    You’ll find a more historically accurate story which features the disir (think angels in nature with good and not so good sides) who appealed greatly to Viking women.

I dig into viking culture and go beyond the “Odin and Valkyries” worshipping Vikings. There’s a reason for pointing this out.

In the same way, our modern era has Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. The same was true for Vikings. This truth plays into the life of Ilsa, the heroine, and other women of Vellefold.


  1. You will find a new and different Viking hero in Bjorn. He knows his strengths, is confident in who he is, and that plays out in the romance.

An over-the-top alpha male hero.

I love those strong, take charge men. Sometimes I write them (that’d be Rurik to a “T”). But Bjorn wasn’t cut from that cloth.


  1. You will find a slow burn, childhood-friends-to-lovers romance between a strong, intelligent Viking woman who respects (and challenges) the hero.

You won’t find a sex heavy story (some readers say “There wasn’t enough romance” when “romance” is code for “sex.”) I’m giving you the heads up.


  1. You will find not one, but two story twists…and banter, emotion, and a story climax of amazing Viking action.

You won’t find the typical Viking invader romance.

Celebrate with me! 'Cause Bjorn's here!

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