Who bought her?

An ugly shiver scraped her spine. One of the men here could take her tonight.

Sestra dunked a pitcher in fresh ale, the grainy sweet aroma reaching her nose. A red-bearded stranger from Aland ogled her, his lustful glint cutting through smoky air. He’d pawed her bottom when she’d poured his drink moments ago. She couldn’t shake the begrimed feel his vile words left…his plans for later.

Her mouth firmed. She was done lifting her skirts for men, but no one would listen to a slave woman.

Turning away, she set the pitcher down hard. Gold droplets splashed her freckled cleavage straining russet wool.

“May my new lord prove generous with cloth.”

The ill-fitting tunic bared much flesh. Norsewomen covered themselves more than this. No wonder Red-Beard marked her a comfort woman.

Crouching behind the barrel, she yanked up her neckline, jostling her heavy breasts. Tight fabric hardly budged. Grasping her bodice with both hands, she wiggled the cloth upward, and her stare collided with tarnished silver eyes.

Brand. The Viking sat alone, grinning in shadows nearby.

A hot flush singed her neck. “What are you looking at?”

“Sestra.” He raised his horn in salute. “Problem with your clothes?”

“Don’t you have better things to do?”

She dabbed her apron to her chest, his dry chuckle floating across the distance. How was it her ears found his voice above all others? The Viking was never friendly. Brand taunted her most nights, and she gave it right back.

Spilling ale on his boots.

Serving food to others first, giving his portion last. Or not bringing food at all. His mocking smile would follow her and the unassuming warrior would get up and fetch his food.

Yet, he never demanded she lay with him. Not even so much as groped her. Brand’s silvery gaze lingered on her bodice often enough. Same as it did now.

“You missed a spot.” His words cut through the noise.

Her mouth opened with a ready retort, but she stopped short. Her wiping hand stalled on her chest.

Could he be the one? 

To Find a Viking Treasure

The follow up to Norse Jewel

Coming September, 2016!