Were high school history classes a blur?

Did you connect what you learned to everyday life?

Maybe the difference is found in the approach.

Most high school history classes take the “airplane” approach.  Imagine flying over Yosemite National Park.  All you’ll find is a quick birds-eye view.  Sure, you get the basic, big picture, but something’s missing.

Another approach is the “drive” through history.  More information emerges, maybe even piques your interest.  Yet, you’re left unsatisfied.  That’s because this approach feels like driving through Yosemite…seeing the wonders but never getting out of your car.  There’s no connection.

Here’s the thing: get out of the car.

Link history to your life today.  This is the “walk through” approach.  See the colors, smell the scents, hear nature. Find the nitty gritty. Experience history as a richly textured weave shaded dark and light and neutral.

Details are good!

You learn that common, and not so common, men and women struggled long ago with many of the same issues you and I face.

Marriage.  Divorce.  Democracy.

And there was parenting, family issues, housekeeping, cooking, farming, business (big and small), a host of other things…all while kingdoms rose and kingdoms fell.

History really matters because it’s about:



*Even personal growth.

Here you’ll uncover interesting nuggets of history — Viking history.

Have fun.  Come back for more.   You’ll be surprised what’s in it for you.

What’s your favorite period in history?  Why?