We had a funny moment in our house on Monday. The above Mom’s Day meme hits the bull’s eye with a conversation between Brian and my two teenage sons. I reminded them that this Sunday is Mom’s Day. Mr. Quiet Alpha Male smoothly inserted that the boys want to take me to see Guardians of the Galaxy II this weekend. I added “…and help me shop for and plant flowers.” (notice how I inserted the shop for flowers in there?)

Funny…I seem to recall doing a massive amount of weeding on last year’s Mom’s Day. But you know what? Clearing a garden is a wonderful feeling…about as good as planting new spring flowers and seeing them grow. My tulips are already blooming.


Here are a few.

Black Jack are the deep purple. Jan Van Nes are the yellow. Global Desire are the white.



What colors will I plant for next year? Stay tuned.

Drop me a line in the comments and tell me how you’re celebrating Mother’s Day. I’ll pick a random commenter and send a print or ebook copy of any one of my books. It’ll be reader’s choice.