GinaConkle_MeTheEarlAtMidnight_WebAd_3SecsMEET THE EARL AT MIDNIGHT. The next several weeks of “teaser” posts will come from this Georgian spin on Beauty & the Beast. Most will feature Edward and Lydia’s banter.  Enjoy! ~Gina


In the short stare down of nobleman versus hoyden, the open V of his shirt and the earl’s noticeable breathing rhythm mesmerized Lydia. He was just as affected by the riot of attraction that bounced between them.

Lydia shook her head. “I think not my lord. You need me as much I need you.” With a triumphant tilt of her chin, she finished quiet-voiced, “And I’ve just realized we’re on equal footing.”

“A dangerous assumption.” His eyes narrowed but his tone met hers, equal in velvet softness.  “I’m not letting you off that easily. We must deal with your intrusion here.”

“What? Are you going to bend me over your knee?”