Norse_Jewel-900pxWelcome to “Teaser Tuesday” (click to tweet)

Here I’ll post a snippet, of about 6 lines, of a recent release or work in progress.  In honor of Norse Jewel’s June release, I’ll post some of this book.





Hakan grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer. “I didn’t bring you here to serve. You serve only me. Do you understand?” He gave her a shake. “There are dishonorable men, Helena. Once they know you aren’t a highborn woman…”

Her fingers grazed the silver headband. “Then, this is to keep me safe?”

The noise swelled and the crowd pressed them close. Hakan pulled her into the shield of his chest and whispered in her ear, “’Tis to honor you. It pleases me to see you in finery.”

His lips grazed her ear lobe, not quite a kiss, but warm shivers slid down her neck. Hakan pulled back but his grip was firm.

“Remember, I protect my own.”


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