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When you open a book, what do you want to find?

Easy to say “entertaining story” or “help me escape,” right?  But, we all don’t want the same thing between our book covers. Likely your tastes have changed over time, too.
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Enjoying the Viking World?
Hold on! I’m switching gears and taking you to the Georgian era (specifically, 1760 England).
I met with Leah Hultenschmidt, Senior Editor for Sourcebooks, to talk about the Georgian series, “Midnight Meetings.”  The first book, Meet the Earl at Midnight, releases May, 2014 (earlier than expected and you heard it first!).  Book 2 will be the story of Cyrus Ryland, one of England’s most powerful commoners and Claire, beautiful housekeeper from Meet the Earl at Midnight (no release date).
Meeting with Leah, I learned more about the inner workings of book publishers.  And the exciting part?  She showed us two cover mock ups for Meet the Earl at Midnight (my amazing agent Sarah Younger was there).  Cover #1 had a brown dress, which we all nixed. Cover #2 was a plain sketch but more interesting layout.
We discussed dress color for Lydia, the heroine of Meet the Earl at Midnight.  I mentioned a fab peacock blue dress Lydia wears in a pivotal scene near the end of the story.  Leah and Sarah “oohed” and “ahhed” over that!
So, here’s my question to you: What dress color would you suggest for a future story?
There’s two other books in the series.  Why not email me ( with your idea?  You never know…your suggestion might end up in a story!
By the way. don’t you hate it when the cover people look nothing like the book descriptions?  I can tell you the artist working on Meet the Earl at Midnight is spot on with how Edward and Lydia look.
Yay for excellent cover art!

Norse Fire  Ever seen the Swedish coastline? Swedes call it “the archipelago” — islands of various sizes dot their coastline.  Those islands figure into Norse Fire.  Here’s another teaser for you of that work in progress:
Why was she pushing him?  Sestra craved peace and security but first and foremost, the kind found by a wealthy master who could promise a safe home, a place to live out the rest of her days.  Let the man she served sift through the kingdom’s shifting sands.             A small line bisected the skin above Brand’s nose, a slanted indent near his brow that furrowed deeper the more he held silent.  The surly warrior cared fiercely about something.  What?              She leaned closer.  “Or is it because this fight yields no gold?  ‘Twould be a fight for honor and the good of Svea’s people.”             His iron grey eyes squinted at her.  “Careful.”              “Mayhap we give her sword and shield.”  Gunthar spoke up but his humor fell flat.             Brand held Sestra’s gaze, and the smallest of smiles played about his lips.             “No, she argues because she’d miss me.”

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Featured Guest Author: Cheryl Howe
Lady Astra Keane seduces her late husband?s American cousin to ensure her daughter?s future. James Keane plans to return to his life at sea as soon as he settles the financial loose ends of his inherited estate. Becoming involved with Astra was a complication he didn?t bargain for. Despite having every reason to doubt Astra’s affection, James loves Astra and will risk everything to save her from a murderer.
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What is it?

Norse Fjord Horse, Foal and Mare
This breed comes from the mountains of western Norway and is a type of draft horse.  Small for a draft horse, Norse Fjords make up for their size with incredible strength and agility (good thing since they have to navigate cliffs of Norway).
One of the oldest breeds in the world, Norse Fjords work well as a saddle horse and hauling heavy loads.
Archaeologists believe Norse Fjords were domesticated 4000 years ago. Evidence shows the steeds at burials sites as far back as 2000 years ago.  And, Norse Fjords have long been known for a pleasant temperament.

Norse Jewel

Her attempt at conversation was lost. Labored breath moved in and out of her chest, and ’twas clear in that moment why women tossed well-laid plans to the four winds. A good man, the right man, muddled a woman’s mind and made her want to bare body and soul. Make him handsome and strong, and temptation stripped away clear thinking, and gladly so.
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Because every woman needs a good man…

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