Who Would You be in Viking History?

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Taking a different turn in Viking history for another look at the women who shaped the Norse world. This post is different. It’s something of a Cosmo-esque quiz. Read about four real Viking women, consider their character traits, and see which one matches your personality the best.

Further down is the reveal with a brief bio. Then you tell me in the comments who which true historical woman you identify with. Have fun!


If you went back in time, which Viking woman would you be? 


        1.       You’re a quiet, deep thinker. There’s a quality of stillness about you that draws people in. Because of these characteristics, you fall into a leadership role whether it’s something you want or not. You’re generous and fair…as long as people abide by your rules. If they don’t, watch out!


       2.        You’re a tad headstrong but smart. When the odds are against you, you regroup and try a different approach. Some might say you’re wily as a fox. Using feminine wiles and your brain is fair game in your opinion. And menial labor? Not top on your list of things to do.


       3.         You’re gentle, stubborn, and curious. The world is your oyster, and you want to explore it. You get your hands dirty and work hard right alongside men. You’re not concerned about equality because you live as you please; men better respect you (and they do!).


        4.        You’re fierce – physically and mentally. You’re not afraid to defend what’s yours. Family and friends mean the world to you and anyone bringing trouble to your door better watch out. Though it may exhaust you, you work as hard outside the home as inside.



          1. Audr the Deep-Minded of Iceland (also Aud). The daughter of a Norwegian chieftain, Audr one of the first Viking women to settle Iceland. After becoming a widow, she commissioned a ship built for her to go to Iceland. Twenty men followed her there. Once on the new island nation, leaders divided Iceland into 4 sections. They asked Audr to lead one. She did, granting freedom to all thralls (slaves) who lived in her section. Audr gave them land too with one requirement – follow her rules.


         2.  Melkorka, a highborn daughter of Eyre, stolen in a raid. She feigned muteness for several years. The highborn woman became a thrall (slave) who disdained chores and made life difficult for the Viking mistress she served. One day the jig was up on her muteness. Her Viking master wisely decided to keep the peace in his home and give Melkorka a home of her own in another meadow! There’s a place in Iceland named after the crafty former slave.


          3. Gudrid of Iceland. Her story is in the Sagas but it took historians a long time to believe she was real! Gudrid journeyed with Leif Erikson to “Vinland” (North America) and lived there for a few years. But, she packed up and went back to Iceland. Still restless, the Viking woman traveled to Rome and hung out for a year. Then, she went home to Iceland. She wasn’t concerned about making a name for herself: this was Gudrid’s gentle curiosity at work — amazing but true travels. It took historians (read that as male historians) centuries to believe she was real – all confirmed when they found her longhouse about 20 years ago in Iceland (silly men!).


            4.  Freydis (half-sister to Leif). Leif was a brave one, but she’s just as fierce and strong. She too went to the wilds of Vinland as an adventurer. Isolation and wilderness didn’t phase her. Neither did the vicious locals. When they attacked, the Viking men ran but Freydis picked up a fallen sword, weilding it with one breast bared! The attackers ran away (likely in shock because she was also pregnant). Some say the Vinland settlement failed due to a lack of women. (They needed more Freydis’s and Gudrid’s!). One thing is certain, wherever home is Freydis is sure to bravely protect it.


Don’t forget! Tell me which Viking woman you matches you and what traits align with hers.


  1. I am number four. I don’t work outside the home, once we married, I was an Army Officer’s wife, with duties to the Enlisted men’s families, when they were all gone. I refused to pack a bag, during the Reagan Administration telling Gorbochev take down that wall. My husband had at a young age for A Captain, a Command of A Nuclear Weapons site, aimed at Russia 24 hours a day. Women , and Children were to have a bag ready to fly out, at a moment’s notice. I refused! I was supposed to keep a low profile as an American Military wife, I refused, Terriost had killed innocent American wives , and Children four hours from us, the car was found at the train station in the little German Village we lived in. We lived down stairs , upstairs lived a young German couple, with two beautiful little girls. I bought one dozen medium size American Flags, and put them all around our Window sills, I wanted the Terriost to make certain where to find me, and not hurt the upstairs German neighbors. When we got out of the Military, still young, we bought out first home in America. My husband went to work for a World Wide Chemical Company. He was gone for three weeks, I had brought a dog while in Germany, he was like our child. He and I had been unpacking all day, I took my shower, had brushed him out, we were having ice cream, when we both heard a sound. Mocha went crazy hitting at a window with no curtains, no nothing yet. The flood lights were on, I looked over toward the neighbors home, they had told me, they would be out of town. I kept trying to keep my dog from breaking the window, when I looked down at him, I saw a white hand move across outside the window! I backed up, the phone was on the wall, the butcher block with the knives in it, was on the kitchen counter. I picked out the Chefs knife, because I was not going down without a fight, and the guy could easily see me, in my shortie nightgown, I called the Sheriff s department, she kept me on the line, until the officer came, it took twenty minutes! The guy did not leave until the officer pulled into our driveway. The jerk, told me to get my dog, under control, and to put my weapon down! He never looked for the suspect, or around our house. The next day, the man who was moving up the Corporate ladder, and whose job, my husband was Taking, his wife came over, I showed her where his footprints were over our six foot fence, and where he had tried to break in our French doors. She, and her husband wanted me, and our dog to stay with them until my husband came home. I said , over my dead body! I went , and bought a legal 12 gauge shot gun. My father, and brothers hunted, my daddy, wanted to make certain, that I could use the gun, if anything ever happened. I bought the gun, stayed in my house, we sold it, moved to a better neighborhood, however, there is no such thing. It is kept safely locked away. My husband, till this day, calls me on his way home. So yes, I am more than willing to defend my self, my my home, whoever is here. I don’t live in fear! I don’t feel safe because of the gun, although, during power outages from hurricanes, it’s come in handy. Looting does go on, even in a guarded, gated neighborhood. GOD KEEPS me Safe, and I sleep peacefully. That is how most Southern girls are brought up. As sweet, smiling ladies, with backbones of steel!

  2. I am a 3 – Gudrid of Iceland. I love to travel and explore. There is so much out there to learn, see, and explore. I have been this way my whole life and plan to continue on until I can’t anymore. When travel isn’t an option, I can still explore with books in the internet.

  3. I’m a bit of all of them because these characteristics from each of them totally apply to me, lol.

    You’re not concerned about equality because you live as you please.

    You’re not afraid to defend what’s yours. Family and friends mean the world to you and anyone bringing trouble to your door better watch out.

    Using feminine wiles and your brain is fair game in your opinion.you fall into a leadership role whether it’s something you want or not. You’re generous and fair…as long as people abide by your rules. If they don’t, watch out!

  4. I would be more of a number 4. Nothing is more important to me than family and friends in the real world. I can however identify with all of the women.
    I would stop at nothing to protect what is mind. Including friends and. The men in my life do not fear me but have a healthy respect for me and my temper and the fact that I’ll fight anyone that endangers anyone that I care about.

  5. I’m number 3. I am gentle by nature, stubborn at heart but also very curious about things. I get my hands dirty along side the men folk. I am not afraid of hard work.

  6. Im a little bit of all, but mostly number four. I’m told I’m smart and I tend to rely on wits, I’m a strong leader, I’m very stubborn, I’m gentle, not afraid to get my hands dirty, and I’m very fierce. I tend to be very protective of my family and if you mess with them you mess with me, so you better watch out.

  7. I’m a 3! My husband and I have traveled all around the world. We’ve been sky diving, scuba diving, snow and water skiing. We ride dirt bikes and our Harley’s and we’ve raised our two children to be adventurous too. We’ve built our ranch from empty land, built all the fences, the roads, the barns, and our house, all hands on. Digging dirt, painting, hammering when necessary. We’ve earned everything we have by working hard, which makes us appreciate it all the more! And we would fiercely protect our home and family, if it became necessary. We will continue to have our adventures!

  8. I feel I’m a combo of one and three.

  9. I’m like Number 2. I would also fake of being mute to be in control of my life and destiny. All women rock to the highness!!

  10. I’m number 3, but have some traits of number 4. Not afraid to get my hands dirty, curious, but very protective of my family.

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