Genevieve pushed away his hand, a half-hearted effort if he’d ever seen one.

She curled her fingers over her mouth, trying to hide her smile. “You’re not listening to me, milord.”

“I’m helpless here with you in that gown.”

Light danced on silk skirts, tricking the eye with shades of muted blue turning dove grey.

“A gown I should’ve sold a long time ago.”

His gaze skimmed the length of her, ending on artfully styled tresses. “And you pinned your hair.” He teased a curl, and whispered against her nape. “It’s an invitation to loosen every one of them.”

Her eyes squeezed shut. Tiny pleasure bumps pricked her skin. “You’re diversions won’t work.”

He breathed in her scent. “I think they are…”

Book 3, Midnight Meetings series

Coming 2016