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Here ye! Here ye!

My Historical Romance Author Proclamation


I prefer historical romance to be, well…historical. That means I celebrate the past by staying true** to the times. Women ran the gamut of damsels in distress, wallflowers, warrior maidens (and matrons!), to the bold and brassy bad girls. Frankly, I love them all. Ditto for the men.

I love brooding heroes in dark castles and windswept cliffs. I love lone wolf warriors and alpha males of almost every stripe. Viva la variety! I have space in my heart and on my shelves for the betas, gammas, deltas…

You get the picture.

I’d rather let history be history—in all its glorious, messy imperfection. Really, that’s not unlike today. We strive for change. It’s why have conflict. But don’t expect me to rewrite the past to fit modern day feelings.

As an author, I’ve been quiet for too long. It’s time to plant my flag. I write Vikings. My research of that era is meticulous. I make no apologies for writing Viking men. Or strong Viking women. The same goes with my Georgian heroes and heroines. Much of my inspiration comes from reading real people in history. The fun part comes in writing women who challenged those men and doing it through the lens of romance.

If you want 21st century mores in historical romance, then I’m not the romance author for you. Some of my heroes are and will be *gasp* sexist by today’s standards. Why? Because history tells us most of them were. 

So, if you’re looking for enlightened 21st century men in say, 18th century England or 10th century Vikingdom, then you won’t be happy with my novels. 

On the other hand, if you want your historical romance true to the times, full of fun, drama, heat, and loads of banter, you’re with the right author. While you’re at it, why not tell a like-minded friend?

Got an opinion on this? Share it below. I enjoy reading diverse thoughts.




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**A post of “My Favorite Mistake(s)” will come where I own up to my research fails. 


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