My second book in the Midnight Meetings series, The Lady Meets Her Match, releases soon (April 7th). Seeing this series unfold has been thrilling, but someone recently asked me, “What connects the books?”

Here’s where I’m a little embarrassed. I wish I’d had more savvy when writing Meet the Earl at Midnight (book 1), but savvy isn’t my middle name.

Meet the Earl at Midnight was born on one of those perfect writer days…sitting in a comfy chair with an interesting man in my head. The man had been talking for several days. Add a few rainy days to the mix, and you have the beginning of the book.

The problem is publishers and readers like their stories in groups. The lone book is a thing of the past. Call that a newbie mistake since *duh* I love to devour books in a series, too!

But I wanted something different. Writers continue to produce lovely books based on families, teams, spy rings, and such. What would connect my books? I  was an anomaly. I like to write about commoners as much as the nobles. I like scientists and inventors. I like Bow Street’s Thief-Takers (note: Bow Street was established in 1749 by Sir Henry Fielding – those hot saviors had been around long before Regency writers claimed them). 

I wanted to write about women of looser morals and sketchy backgrounds. And you know what? I was not going to glamorize brothels and gaming hells. Readers would get a taste of the seediness and gritty streets, the men and women striving for better circumstances. 

You won’t find a lot of balls in my books (a few, but not many). Instead, you’ll find merchants, inventors, scientists, and artists. There’s even an adventurer-cum-furniture maker and an archaeologist. But, I must warn you: one of the stories in the works commits a cardinal sin of the peerage.

I was shocked when I knew what my hero had to do. And frankly, I know my books aren’t for the masses. That’s fine with me.

So, what connects each Midnight Meetings tale? The series is a loose circle of friends – commoners and nobles. All cross paths with a certain someone where…everything changes at midnight.

Cheers to you, Reader!

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