Meet the Earl at Midnight tkThe audiobook craze passed by me until last summer. What about you?
Are you into audiobooks?
I mentioned on a previous post that I’d never tried them until a family move this summer. My youngest son and I armed ourselves with a variety of audiobooks before our journey. After long stints on lonely highways, I’m hooked. I can see why they’re so popular with commuters.
But there was something else that got me.
Call it the “story time” element.
Do you remember story time? Those days when you heard a book? Teachers and librarians hosted read aloud time, bringing books to life with interesting character voices. Your parents were in on the fun tucking you in and cracking open a bedtime story. I relished those days when I became a parent.
Now it’s our turn. Like “Adult Swim” at pools, we get to dive back into story time…now with bigger, sizzling romance books.
Are you ready?
Listen to a sample: Amazon US