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Norse series
book 2

  • With war coming, Viking scout Brandr has one task—protect the slave, Sestra because she knows where the enemy hides his gold. Working together to steal those riches will save lives, but Brandr and Sestra have a history of getting under each other’s skin. Now they must trust each other.
    On their treasure hunt, hearts open and passions flare. But danger nips at their heels…leading one to make a daring sacrifice that changes everything.

Midnight Meetings series
book 1

  • Reclusive Lord Edward, Earl of Greenwich needs an heir—quickly. The hasty offering of Lydia Montgomery works. But Lydia has plans of her own: she’s an artist, striving to get her work into London’s art salons, a place reserved for men only. The two forge an agreement at midnight that heats up in the light of day…and their marriage of convenience becomes inconvenient when lust and emotions get in the way.

...with new friends
new book surprises

Welcome to my first ever serial! Find more on the home page. Why a serial? A blog is coming on that plus more historical tidbits, excerpts, and more.

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