A Teaser Tuesday snippet…  Where we learn what Lord Bowles excels at


From book 3 in the Midnight Meetings series (coming in 2016) by Gina Conkle

size 1He wiped road dust from his hands, following her under the brim of his hat.

“You’ll want this,” Miss Turner said, handing over the blunderbuss to the driver.

The coachman set the pistol on his footboard. “If ye’d be so kind, milord, as to see Miss Abbott inside the coach, we can be on our way.”

His swiping hands stilled. Miss Abbott?

Miss Turner spun around, her dark eyes saucer big. She set one finger across her lips and held her breath.

“Of course,” he said slowly. “I’d be happy to help Miss Abbott.”

The driver hoisted himself up and the coach horses stirred to life. Miss Turner darted for the coach door, but Marcus took quick steps backward and braced his hand on the latch.

“Miss Abbott is it?”

He had no hold over her, but why the deception?

“For now.” She averted her eyes. “I wanted to explain, but I wasn’t sure if…if—”

“If you could trust me.”

Her solemn stare pinned him. “Yes.”

Fresh gusts breezed past them, brushing the bottom of his redingote against her. Miss Turner’s mouth flattened, and a need surged inside him, the want to soften those lips with smiles and laughter.

Giving a light flourish, he laid his hand over his heart. “You wound me. Honor is my middle name.”

“Honor, you say?”

“Lord Marcus Honor Bowles. Trustworthy as a vicar.”

A single feminine brow rose.  “A vicar?” she said slowly.

He laughed the sound of it rough and low to his ears. “Vicar’s a bit of a stretch for me. Would you accept choir boy? I was one for a short time until I got the boot.”

A tiny spark lit her eyes. “I shall remember that if I need a song or comfort and wisdom, milord.”

Resting a shoulder against the coach, he grimaced good-naturedly. “I’m short on song and wisdom these days.”

“But you excel at giving comfort.” Her lips twitched. “Especially to women.”